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Coaching combined with biometric data from wearables

Improve sleep, stress management and physical activity by building new habits like a pre-sleep wind-down routine, tailored to each individual, using monthly live video sessions, weekly chat check-ins and daily nudges.

Trusted by leading enterprises

It is difficult to get the mental and physical foundations in place for optimal performance and wellbeing

Every employee can strengthen their physical and mental fitness through simple habits.

Forming new habits is daunting, and often, there’s minimal support available.

Most proactive initiatives struggle with low adoption and retention rates.

Lifted combines performance coaching and biometric data to build personalized habits

Coaching sessions
Daily bio data
chat check-ins
inspirational onboarding
company insights

Coaching sessions

Video sessions with your performance coach as often as you like (monthly on average) to find your inner motivation triggers, define new habit experiments and get positive reinforcement and accountability.


Chat check-ins

Daily biometric data from wearables driving insight and motivation.


Daily bio data

Weekly chat check-ins foster engagement, accountability and sustained growth.


Inspirational onboarding

Live onboarding for 1 hour that creates excitement. During that session the first coaching session is booked and everyone is equipped with wearables.


Company insights

Get integrity-protected and GDPR compliant company and team-level insights based on anonymised and aggregated biometric data.

With Lifted you improve the physical and mental foundations with high adoption and high retention, one habit at a time

Get your employees to adopt one new habit every month.

Double those with high mental wellbeing in six months; reduce those with low mental wellbeing by 50% in the same time.

Get 80% adoption rate from your employees and a >90% six month user retention.

“Lifted is ideal for individuals working in high-demand, high expectation environments that wants to optimize their performance.”

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Carl Christian Rösjö

Principal, Euclid Transactional EMEA

“If you're curious about our journey, feel free to connect! We're excited to share our experience as we continue our journey towards sustainable performance and well-being.”

Members’ lives are changed

“Everything has changed as a result of sleeping better, moving more and taking breaks.”


Partner, Big-4

“Everything is easier, I have more energy, I feel happier, and it's because I took baby steps and was able to stick to my habits consistently.”


Manager, Consulting

“By monitoring the data and working with my coach I am learning how to balance stress and rest. Now I have more energy both for my work and for my private life.”


Principal, Private Equity


Optimal customer

What size organisations (number of employees, revenue, annual budget) have successfully implemented this solution?

We serve a wide range of companies. From 50 employees to half a million employees; from sales people to Fortune-500 CEOs. Our four main customer segments are:

• Fortune-500 enterprises where we serve global executive management teams and other senior leaders (+20 000 FTEs)

• Professional services firms, where we typically serve all employees from assistants to senior partners (100 FTEs to 600 000 FTEs)

• Private Equity firms, where we typically serve all employees, from assistants to partners (150-2000 FTEs)

• Sales teams in any sized company

• Other critical human capital, e.g. software engineering teams, R&D teams

The performance coaches

Are the coaches employed by Lifted?

Yes. All our coaches are employed by us. We attract and develop the best coaches by giving them a stable platform and they love being a part of building our company.

What backgrounds do the coaches have?

All Lifted’s coaches are certified by the International Coaching Federation (ICF). They have at least an Associate Certified Coach (ACC) and often a Professional Certified Coach (PCC) certification. Our coaches have worked in a high-performance setting, e.g. been a leader in business, or worked in professional services, banking, etc. All our coaches have a deep interest in performance and health improvement. At Lifted we train our coaches extensively in how to use data to improve performance and resilience.


If I say yes, what are the next steps?

• Inviting all eligible employees to an information session where they learn about how to build physical and mental foundations for performance and are able to opt in to support from Lifted with a coach and smart ring.These sessions are done in person on your premises if your employees are co-located. Otherwise they are done online and wearables are shipped to each office afterwards.

• Meeting with Lifted to help us understand what employee support programs you already have in place so that our coaches can sign-post effectively.

• Book in a sequence of bi-monthly learning sessions for the group of participants. In these sessions they get feedback on how they develop as a group and are able to share their experiences with each other. The sessions are facilitated by Lifted.

What are the time commitments for me as a CHRO / sponsor of the collaboration?

• In the first month, 2 hours to give Lifted context about your organisation's goals and resources that are available to employees, and also to participate in the onboarding session together with all employees.

• After the first month, set off 1 hour of time for bi-monthly group progress updates and feedback meetings.

What are the time commitments required for a member/user?

Each member tailors their journey with Lifted entirely together with the coach. On average, our members meet their coach once every month for 30-60 minutes and chat once per week.

Integration and Technology

How does the platform integrate with other common technologies used within an organisation?

As part of the customer onboarding we will interview you regarding the full range of support you offer to your employees, e.g. health insurance. Our coaches will use this information to steer your employees to relevant resources when needed.

Most of our leaders do not use wearables. How does your program address this?

As part of the user onboarding, we will equip each member with a fitted wearable device.

Wearable Device

What type of wearable device is used?

Lifted works with Oura, Garmin and Apple Watch. Together with each customer we decide what wearable to offer to employees who do not use a wearable today.

What metrics does it measure, and how easy is it for users to wear and adapt to?

All devices we integrate with collect information on sleep, activity, and stress levels to get a broad understanding of your wellbeing. If we take the Oura ring for example, it measures your overall readiness to perform, your wellbeing, your sleep duration and sleep quality, your stress level, your recovery and your activity level.

How easy is the product to wear?

Easy, since we use consumer wearables that are made for daily use. The most discreet option is the Oura ring: most people forget that they are wearing it within one or two days.

Data Handling and Privacy

What do employees feel about sharing biometric wearable data?

After the introduction of how Lifted works with individual data, there are rarely any concerns. Which is why we have an 80% adoption rate.

Who is the data shared with?

The only ones who can see an individual member’s data are the member’s coach, senior engineers and data scientists who process the information. No one else at Lifted nor the employer have access to individual, non-anonymised health data.

What about GDPR compliance?

Lifted is GDPR compliant, which has been validated given our several Fortune-500 companies that have done due-diligence on the company. The data privacy agreement is signed between the member and Lifted. No data privacy agreement is needed between Lifted and the employer since no private identifiable data is shared between Lifted and the employer.

What are the legal ramifications of tracking and sharing this information within an organisation?

None, since no individual data is shared with the employer.

How is the collected data stored, managed, and utilized for reporting, and what are the measures in place to ensure data privacy and security?

• Wearable data shared with us by our members are used to populate the members app with insight, to bring wearable data insights to coaching conversations, and to generate aggregated team- and company-level insights.

• Only anonymised, aggregated health data is shared with persons other than your coach and a small group of senior engineers and data scientists who are trusted to handle personally identifiable health data.

• To safeguard the sensitive data shared with us, we have information security management policies in place (We expect to be ISO-27001 certified by EOY 2024).

• All Lifted employees undergo annual IT security training.

• We store our members’ data within the European Union in accordance with the GDPR.

Performance and Impact

What is the adoption rate?

The adoption rate is on average 80%. The adoption rate is higher when it is launched on a team-level, then we often see 90-100% adoption rate.

What is the retention rate?

After six months, 93% continue using Lifted.

What are the expected outcomes of the program for the company?

The first order of benefit is that we build new habits. Those new habits have a significant increase on mental wellbeing. We use a scale called WHO-5 which is the world’s most validated scale for mental wellbeing. In six months, on average we increase the share of employees in “very high mental wellbeing” from 7% to 25%; we reduce the group with “very low mental wellbeing” from 23% to 8%.

What outcomes can I expect from participating as a member/user?

You already know what things you would want to start doing or stop doing; things you would want to do more of, or less of. With Lifted you will implement those things in your life. Those new habits will likely have a positive impact on your physiology and your self-assessed mental wellbeing. In practice, Lifted has an effect on outcomes such as the frequency with which you wake up refreshed and rested, feel active and vigorous etc.